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Scarecrow (3D)

bigImage Miriam is an ordinary young girl who lives with her family and her unusual pet -- a hen. This unusual pair is prepared for some absolutely extraordinary things. When the family goes on a picnic, the hen shows itself as a coward at first but ends up the hero.

SCARECROW is a 3D animation stop-motion puppet film about the human values that should exist in a family, how you have to help each other and be united. It is the first 3D giant screen film shot using one still digital camera. Made in NukuFilm studio (Estonia) together with specialized and innovative technology developed by NIKFI (Russia).

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Produced by NukuFilm Studio (Estonia) and Cinema and Photo Research Institute-NIKFI (Russia). Producer: Arvo Nuut. Director: Andres Tenusaar. Script: Leelo Tungal, Peep Pedmanson. Camera: Ragnar Neljandi. Design: Ivika Luisk. Animation: Triin Sarapik, Marili Sokk, Andres Tenusaar. Music: Mart-Matis Lill. Sound: Horret Kuus. Puppets and decoration: Heigo Eeriksoo, Erik Alunurm, Mait Erik, ene Mellov, Piret Saarepuu, Kulli Jaama. Editors: Andres Tenusaar and Ragnar Neljandi. Lighting: Olari Lass.


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