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U2 3D

bigImage U2 3D is a unique cinematic experience that puts viewers within the pulsing energy of a stadium concert given by the world's most popular band. Marrying innovative digital 3D imagery and 5.1 Surround Sound with the excitement of a live U2 concert -- shot in South America during the final leg of their "Vertigo" tour -- it creates an immersive theatrical experience unlike any 3D or concert film that has come before. U2 3D takes viewers on an extraordinary journey they will never forget.

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A Best Buy Presentation. Produced by 3ality Digital Entertainment and U2 Ltd. in association with 3ality Digital Systems. Distributed by National Geographic Cinema Ventures. Directors: Catherine Owens, Mark Pellington. Producers: Jon Shapiro, Peter Shapiro, John Modell, and Catherine Owens. Executive Producers: Sandy Climan, Michael Peyser and David Modell. Co-executive Producer: Scott Mednick. Supervising Producer: Ted Kenney. Line Producer: Douglas Yellin. Cinematographers: Peter Anderson, Tom Krueger. Editor: Olivier Wicki. Starring: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr.

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Rating: Excellent
Posted by: Guest
This was the best 3D film we have ever seen. Please keep this film. We have seen it 7 times & we will go see it many more.U2 has been our fav band for years we hav seen them live a few times & for people who can not see U2 live this made you feel like you are there. The energy that one of there shows will bring someone there are no words to say what how feel. You feel so alive & this film gives u that feeling. So thank you U2 for a excellent film that ROCKS. Thank you cricket IMAX & U2 for some of our best memories. ... Read More >>

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