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Alien Adventure 3D

bigImage For hundreds of years, the Glagoliths, a small tribe of wayward space gypsies, have roamed the Universe in search of a new home, their previous planet having been obliterated through operator error.

In time, they came upon an unknown planet tucked away in a rather uninteresting part of the galaxy. At long last, the travel-weary aliens believed they had found a suitable new home. And so a brief, but inconsequential chapter in Glagolith history began...

Before establishing a permanent base on the newfound planet, Cyrillus, the supreme leader of the Glagoliths, deemed it wise to launch manned probes to evaluate the world below. A good idea, except they landed not in the center of a modern metropolis as anticipated, but instead in the middle of "Adventure Planet," a new hi-tech amusement park not yet open to the public...

High above the planet's surface, Cyrillus and the crew of the Glagolithian mothership monitor the adventures of their brave comrades on the surface as they explore the unique areas of "Adventure Planet." Despite a few minor incidents (resulting in aliens being frozen and the after-effects of Glagolith motion sickness—not pretty), it quickly becomes obvious that the Glagolith explorers on the planet surface have not had this much fun in a long, long time. Fearing that too much fun could destroy the fabric of the Glagolith civilization, Cyrillus orders all the space probes back to the mothership before things get too far out of hand.

Thus it came to pass, the aliens' visit to "Adventure Planet" became a mere speedbump in Glagolith history. Their high commander and spiritual leader declared this "civilized" planet incompatible to intelligent life.

The search for a new home continues...

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An nWave Pictures production in association with Iwerks Entertainment and Movida/Trix. Producer: Charlotte Huggins and Caroline Van Iseghem. Director: Ben Stassen. Distributed by nWave Pictures Distribution (15/70 version) and Iwerks Entertainment (8/70 version). Japanese Distributor: Sarai Inc. Executive Producer: Ben Stassen. Writer: Ben Stassen. Music by: Louis Vyncke, Lele & The Puzzlers. With the voices of Phil “Bouli” Lanners, Pierre “Lele” Lebecque.

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