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bigImage ANIMALOPOLIS will take you on a voyage into the magical world of animals. A bit fanciful, a bit "Seussian" perhaps, a place of good natured humor, beauty and just plain fun for kids and their parents.

Whether going nose to nose with hippos as they graze upon nature's massive salad bar, or eye to eye with dancing bears, sea lions turning somersaults, an otter that prays, we are reminded that nature provides us with humor and wonder, everywhere.

ANIMALOPOLIS takes a lighthearted and imaginary look at a variety of animals including cheetahs that race like a Ferrari, bears that run their own fishing school, an operatic lion, scary crabs that hold a town hostage and even attempt to cuddle with children, and much more.

ANIMALOPOLIS will provide kids and their adults with a journey of smiles and chuckles.

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Animalopolis: Demo [QT Med.]

Animalopolis: Lion Opera [Flash]

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A Graphic Films Production, in Association with Hunan TV & Broadcast, MagicPlay Entertainment. Distributed by K2 Communications and MagicPlay Entertainment. Producer: Paul Novros, Ammiel Najar. Directed by Tim Huntley.

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"'Animalopolis' educates with adorable footage" By Melissa Ruggieri, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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[PDF] Animalopolis (Teacher's Guide)

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