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Alamo: The Price of Freedom

The heroism of the 189 Texans and settlers who defended the besieged Alamo fort for 13 days against the Mexican army of General Santa Anna is recreated in ALAMO: THE PRICE OF FREEDOM. Although the Alamo fell and the defenders were slain, the memory of the battle served as a rallying cry in the fight for Texas's independence from Mexico. The docu-drama recreates battle scenes and dramatic incidents involving such famous historical figures as David Crockett, William Butler Travis, James Bowie, Juan Seguin and General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

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Producer: Kieth Merrill. Associate Producer: Ray Herbeck, Jr. Director: Kieth Merrill. Distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films. Executive Producder: George A. McAlister. Written by Kieth Merrill and George A. McAlister. Based on a Book by George A. McAlister. Director of Photography: Reed Smoot and David Douglas.


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