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Molecules to the MAX!

bigImage This animated film brings audiences into unimaginably small places and fascinates them with big ideas. Blast through space on the Molecularium ship with Oxy and friends. Explore inside places you have never been: snowflakes, pennies, chewing gum, and the human cell. Tested high as a delight for families, teachers and kids. Entertaining and educational -- to the MAX.

The 3D version of the film premiered September 22, 2009 at the Giant Screen Cinema Association 2009 International Conference and Trade Show.

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A Nanotoon Production. Made Possible by a Grant from The National Science Foundation. Developed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Distributed by SK Film . Directed by: V Owen Bush. Producer: Kurt Przybilla. Writers: V Owen Bush, Kurt Przybilla. Executive Producers: Richard Siegel, Shekhar Garde, Linda Schadler. Art Director and Production Design: Chris Harvey. Lead Character Animator: Steve Rein.  Character Designer: Leona Christie. Technical Directors: Justin Rosen, Jed Miller. Line Producer: Derek Sweeney Kessler.  Visual FX Supervisors: David Nunez, Blake Holland. Lighting Director:Robert Cole. Composite Artist: Dan Ostrov. Songs: Nikolas Van Egten. Score: David Last. Supervising Sound Designer: Jesse Stiles. Starring Rachel Brod, David Last, Dennis Del Zotto, Heather Hewitt, Ignacio Platas,Shelley Hirsch, Calvin Brown.

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[PDF] Molecules to the MAX!
[PDF] Molecules to the MAX! (Molecularium Teacher's Resource)

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