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Fly Me to the Moon 3D

bigImage FLY ME TO THE MOON is the story of three spirited and curious pre-teen flies who live across from Cape Canaveral in 1969 and dream of going into space. This thrilling animated 3D feature film will connect a new generation of children and their parents to the adventure and excitement of space exploration, experienced via stunning visuals that draw upon one of mankind's most memorable, historical moments: man's first landing on the moon.

FLY ME TO THE MOON combines the Apollo 11 mission with a whimsical twist involving three tween-aged flies who go along on an incredible space adventure. FLY ME TO THE MOON introduces new generations to space exploration and the historic moment when the world was united for this awe-inspiring achievement. A G-rated family film, the story is voiced by talents, Kelly Ripa, Christopher Lloyd, Nicollette Sheridan, Tim Curry and a live action/animation cameo by real life Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin.

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Produced by nWave Pictures and Illuminata Pictures. Distributed by nWave Pictures Distribution, K2 Communications (North America for standalone and institutional 15/70 theaters). Directed by Ben Stassen. Producers: Charlotte Huggins, Mimi Maynard, Gina Gallo, Caroline Van Iseghem. Co-creators: Domonic Paris, Gina Gallo. Co-excecutive Producers: Domonic Paris, Ben Stasen. Script by Domonic Paris. Original Music: Ramin Djawadi. Starring: Kelly Ripa, Christopher Lloyd, Nicollette Sheridan, Tim Curry, Ed Begly Jr., Adrienne Barbeau, Trevor Gagnon, Philip Daniel Bolden, David Gore, Robert Patrick, Buzz Aldrin.

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Posted by: iparent, 2008-09-21 14:47:57
When the 2 astronauts are in the LEM and separated from the Command Module (headed for moon landing)one of the astronaut's spacesuits clearly reads "Collins", even though Michael Collins stayed in the CM and never walked on the moon with Armstrong and Aldrin. Also, when the "Russian" fly goes into the computer terminal at NASA, the access door clearly reads "Authorized Personal Only". Folks - that should read "Personnel". Wow, do they proof read these things?


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