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Everest: Conquering Thin Air 3D

Alternate Title(s): Formerly Return to Everest 3D

Everest co-stars Jamling Norgay and Araceli Segarra reunite in RETURN TO EVEREST, about a team of medical doctors who conduct a series of groundbreaking scientific experiements on the top of Mt. Everest.

For RETURN TO EVEREST 3D, Norgay and Segarra will return to the storied 'Goddess Mother of the World' not to conquer the summit but to assist the Nepalese Sherpa people whose livelihood depends on the mountain. While Sherpas know the perils and moods of Everest intimately, they often lack critical climbing and communication skills, which has led to a number of deaths on the mountain in recent years.

RETURN TO EVEREST 3D will also follow a groundbreaking medical research expedition seeking to turn Everest into a working laboratory. Doctors on the Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition will risk their lives to study the impact of extreme altitude on the human body and bring back the first blood and tissue samples taken from the 29,035-foot summit. The results of their studies will benefit the treatment of critically ill intensive care patients whose low blood oxygen levels mirror those of climbers at altitude.

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Produced and Distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films. Director: Greg MacGillivray. Co-Director: Michael Brown. Producers: Greg MacGillivray, Shaun MacGillivray. Executive Producer: Harrison Smith. Editor: Stephen Judson. Director of Photography: Brad Ohlund. Mountain Director of Photography: Michael Brown. Executive Producer: Harrison Smith.


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