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Great White 3D

Alternate Title(s): Formerly Man Eating Sharks, Great White: The Sharks of Isla Guadalupe

Approximately 10 humans are killed by sharks each year. 100 million sharks are killed by humans. Who's the predator? With JAWS creator Peter Benchley, follow six people dedicated to experiencing the mysteries of the most feared and misunderstood animals on earth.

A thrilling new large format in IMAX 2D and 3D which combines the production skills of SK Films and Principal Large Format, the photographic excellence of Bob Talbot, with the storytelling mastery and on-screen presence of JAWS author and shark conservationist Peter Benchley.

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A Bob Talbot film from SK Films and Principal Large Format. Director, script, underwater DP: Bob Talbot. Surface DP, stenographer: Sean Phillips. Producers: Jonathan Barker, Phil Streather, Alex Ferguson. Narrated by Peter Benchley. Distributed by SK Films Inc.


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