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Vikings: Journey to New Worlds

bigImage They came from the North and soon the legend would say that they didn't know fear. For hundreds of years, they were another name for "terror." They could sail icy oceans and narrow rivers, and strike far inland, without warning, without mercy. They became the Russians, the Normans. They were the valued mercenaries of Byzantine Emperors and a perpetual challenge to the authority of European monarchs. Warriors, slavers, traders, explorers but also farmers, settlers, poets, loyal family members and skilled craftsmen. Bold, proud, ambitious and unbound. And today, across the boundaries of time they defy North American History by telling us the saga of Leif Eriksson, the Lucky, coming to Vinland, the actual Newfoundland, 500 years before Columbus crossed the Atlantic.

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Produced by Sky High Entertainment. Distributor: Sky High Entertainment. Director: Marc Fafard. Producer: Carl Samson. Associate Producer: Carl Deschenes. Director of Photography: Andy Kitzanuk. Writers: Marc Fafard, Jonathan Hock. Editor: Rene Caron.

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Rating: Excellent
Posted by: JenC
Excellent Film! I just saw it as a survey film, and it was fantastic! Good music, good cinematography, great writing and narration - easy to follow! Extremely educational and informative, without feeling like you're in a lecture hall. Graphics were clean and easy to read. Captivating, especially for a 10pm showing! ... Read More >>

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