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Star Wars Ep. II, Attack of the Clones: The IMAX Experience

bigImage The film is being repurposed for exhibition on IMAX Screens, using IMAX's new DMR(TM) digital re-mastering technology. The technology enables a 35mm film's size, picture quality and sound quality to be enhanced to 70mm IMAX standards. After APOLLO 13, this is the second film to be repurposed using DMR techonology. For more on DMR, Star Wars and their potential effects on the Big Movie industry, scroll down for related articles.

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Directed by George Lucas. Screenplay by George Lucas and Jonathan Hales. Story by George Lucas. Produced by Rick McCallum. Executive Producer: George Lucas. Director of Photography: David Tattersall, B.S.C. Editor, Sound Designer: Ben Burtt. Music by John Williams. Starring Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Christopher Lee and Samuel L. Jackson. Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox.


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Rating: Poor
Posted by: theflyingtinman
I had not seen AOTC before I saw it on IMAX. I found it almost unbearable to watch. If I had not been there with a friend I would have walked out of the theater. The experience was akin to viewing a regular movie from a position about halfway between the front row of seats and the screen. During the action sequences it felt like I had my head in large box full of colored light bulbs flashing on and off at random. Virtually no detail could be made out - so these sequences lost all sense of tension for me. I was hoping that the IMAX experience may make the stilted acting and weak storyline that I had been warned to expect worth sitting through - unfortunately it only exacerbated the films faults. This is definitely the last time I will ever see a movie on IMAX that was not originally shot for IMAX ... Read More >>

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