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Sacred Planet

bigImage SACRED PLANET, the Giant Screen Experience, will take full advantage of this state of the art technology to transport audiences to pristine regions of the Earth to discover the exotic and beautiful places that still exist unchanged by humans. Shooting locations will include New Zealand, Namibia, USA (UT, AZ, CA, WA, AK), Coastal British Columbia in Canada, Borneo and Thailand. Images from around the world will serve as a powerful reminder of the beauty and fragility of Nature.

State of the art camera techniques, including motion controlled time-lapse photography will be combined with an eclectic soundtrack of acoustic and world music to create a journey into the mystical sights and sounds of Nature. Transitions between scenes will flow and morph together seamlessly, as if seen while passing though a dream. Powerful and poetic words of wisdom from Native Elders of the Americas, Asia and Africa will describe an almost forgotten way of life, when human existence was based on harmony and balance with Nature.

Sacred Planet Production Notes

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Produced by the Sacred Planet Project, Ltd. Producers/Writers: Jon Long, Karen Fernandez. Director: Jon Long. Executive Producer: Jake Eberts. Distributor: Buena Vista. Narrated by Robert Redford.

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Rating: Poor
Posted by: globalcelluloid
Did you see Ron Fricke's film in 1992 titled "Baraka"? If you did, then you'll be sorely disappointed by this warm fuzzy Disney movie. First of all, the film's concept is a blatant and poorly executed copy of Baraka. Second, if you've ever taken one anthropology course in your life you'll be mildly offended and amused by the childish narration and the cartoonish presentation of the people featured in the film. Read the book, "reading national geographic" by Catherine Lutz and you'll definitely "see" why this film sticks to the establisments story line of non-western people. If you're really interested in seeing the world through film in an honest and thought provoking way then don't waste your time with Sacred Planet. ... Read More >>

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