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bigImage The subject of the film is humankind's struggle to understand the sun and the sun-earth relationship - from the earliest times to the present day. Structurally the film will trace the ascent of humankind as expressed by our developing understanding of the sun - and through it, our universe. The underlying theme of the film is the triumph of knowledge over ignorance - of light over darkness. The sun is the only star that we can study directly but it is so completely ubiquitous, so intrinsic to life and culture, that we are effectively blind to it. It's time for a new look. Just as the telescope made the universe conceivable so new satellite borne instruments are allowing us to look at a sun that we have never seen before. For the first time we really can study a star in full spate as it builds up to its next peak of violence - the solar maximum of the year 2000/2001.

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Produced by JAVA Films/Heliograph Pty. Ltd. and distributed by the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Producers: John Weiley and Robert Eather. Director/Writer: John Weiley. Executive Producer: Museum of Science and Industry; David Mosena; and John Wickstrom. Directors of Photography: Tristan Limani, Peter Coleman, Peter Hannan, Tom Cowan, and Paul Ree. Editor: Nicholas Holmes. Narrator: Alex Scott. Music Composed by Nigel Westlake.


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Rating: Excellent
Posted by: twalker711
Very interesting, and very entertaining too. Pretty much exemplifies the notion of IMAX films, to be "edu-tainment." I learned a lot, but I enjoyed myself along the way because of the breathtaking shots. ... Read More >>

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