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Race to the Pole

The ultimate adventure race that tests physical, emotional and mental skills and strength. Two teams: 5 men vs. 5 women, each comprised of the world's top adventure athletes, will journey through three continents covering an unprecedented 8500 miles. The competition will take them through 14 countries starting at the Equator and finishing at the bottom of the world: the South Pole. Be part of this exciting trek as you learn about places you've probably never been and cultures you've only dreamed about seeing. Come along on with IMAX and producer Mark Wolper of the Academy Award® winning Wolper Organization, and co-producer and IMAX veteran Wendi Mirabella on the biggest, longest and most exciting race ever caught on film.

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Produced by IMAX Corporation and the Wolper Organization. Producer: Mark Wolper. Co-producer: Wendi Mirabella. Distributed by IMAX Corporation.


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