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Paint Misbehavin' (3D)

bigImage PAINT MISBEHAVIN' was the result of the development of IMAX Corporation's SANDDE™ (Stereo Animation Drawing Device) system, a software technology eight years in the making which enables animators to produce stereoscopic animated films for release in IMAX® 3D theatres. SANDDE "IMAX 3D Animation," which allows artists to hand-draw cartoon characters in 3D, rather than relying on complex math-based rendering programs such as those used for "Toy Story," submerges the viewer in primary and pastel colors of all shapes and sizes. It approximates the feeling of bobbing along with colored balloons.

The first ever release of an IMAX 3D animated film, PAINT MISBEHAVIN' was released in time to be packaged with the holiday movie, "The IMAX Nutcracker," and was subsequently added onto prints of other IMAX 3D films such as "T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous" and "Cyberworld 3D"; an updated version was part of the holiday program featuring "Santa vs. the Snowman," released in November 2002.

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Producers: Steve Hoban and Roman Kroitor. Directors: Roman Kroitor and Peter Stephenson. Distributed by IMAX Corporation.


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" synopsis of animated shorts such as Paint Misbehavin'" By Michael Starks,

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