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Volcanoes of the Deep Sea

bigImage VOLCANOES OF THE DEEP SEA is a giant screen science adventure that will plunge audiences into the ocean 12,000 feet deep for an unprecedented experience of this vast and little-explored dimension of our planet. The film follows a team of scientists as they dive to research mysterious hydrothermal vents on the mid-ocean ridge. As the dive unfolds, the film and the scientists reveal for us the fantastic diversity of the deep: its strange communities of organisms, its shipwreck gardens, bioluminescent creatures and awesome giant predators. An astounding 97% of the Earth's biosphere is located here, in the dark regions of the ocean that we have truly just begun to penetrate and explore.

VOLCANOES OF THE DEEP SEA reveals the planet's marine depths as never before, putting audiences into the most alien and hostile environments on Earth and into contact with the planet's strangest creatures and phenomena. The film will also explore the implications that deep ocean discoveries may have for our understanding of the emergence of life and our search for its traces elsewhere in the Cosmos.

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Produced by Volcanic Ocean Films, in collaboration with Rutgers University and with major financial support from the National Science Foundation. Producer: Pietro Serapiglia. Director: Stephen Low. Distributed by Stephen Low Distribution. Director of Photography: William Reeves. Written by Alex Low. Chief Scientist: Rich Lutz. Line Producers: Lily Antonecchia, Dougal Caron. Executive Producers: James Cameron, Alex Low. Narrated by Ed Harris.

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