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Roar: Lions of the Kalahari

bigImage This is an epic story of power and dominance. Filmed in the stark yet beautiful expanse of the Kalahari, it details the natural behavior of lions and their prey as they attempt to survive around the last remaining waterhole in the region. Above all, it is an account of territorial conflict and the power inherent in the roar of one of the largest lions ever documented in the Kalahari.

Renowned filmmaker Tim Liversedge, who shot, directed and produced the film, spent more than two years with the lions to deliver incredible close-ups and personal shots of these amazing animals in their natural habitat.

ROAR: LIONS OF THE KALAHARI is being repurposed into 3D and will be released as LIONS 3D: ROAR OF THE KALAHARI. It will premeire in January 2007 at the Smithsonian's Johnson IMAX Theater.

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Produced by Tim Liversedge Productions. Distributed by National Geographic Giant Screen Films. Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Tim Liversedge. Executive Producer: Lisa Truitt. Script: Eleanor Grant. Score: James Levine.


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Rating: Excellent
Posted by: hellfish
This is easily one of the greatest IMAX films I've ever seen, and without a doubt, this films has the most outstanding score for an IMAX. We had this film as a sneak preview a few months ago here at the Omaha IMAX, and I greatly look forward to screening this film again in the future. The cinematography is superb. In my opinion, this film is definitely in my top three, rounded out by The Magic of Flight and Everest. Hopefully, the original score will be released soon! ... Read More >>

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