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Vertical Limit

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bigImage *NOTE: VERTICAL LIMIT was originally shot with 35mm cameras, and is being shown in 35mm on Large Format screens.

SYNOPSIS: When a team of K-2 climbers lead by a ruthlessly determined young woman (Robin Tunney) attempts to reach the peak in inhuman weather conditions, a series of irreversible disasters occur. The leader's brother (Chris O'Donnell), also an expert climber, organizes a rescue mission to save the stranded team. With incredible special effects, non-stop action, and dramatic displays of human strength and daring, Martin Campbell's VERTICAL LIMIT will give thrill-seekers a run for their money.

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Starring: Bill Paxton, Chris O'Donnell, Izabella Scorupco, Robin Tunney, Scott Glenn. Directed by Martin Campbell. Producers: Marcia Nasatir, Lloyd Phillips, Martin Campbell and Robert King. Written by Robert King and Terry Hayes. Distributed by Columbia Tristar. Composer:   James Newton Howard. Cinematographer:   David Tattersall. Editor: Thom Noble.


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