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Haunted Castle 3D

bigImage nWave pictures beckons you to a distant place . . . a castle . . . a haunted castle.

Here you will join a young musician named Johnny as he takes possession of his mysterious new home - recently bequeathed to him by his deceased mother. Once inside, however, Johnny will quickly learn that all is not as it appears . . .

Eerie spooks and materializing spirits make their haunting presence known. Further exploration unearths an unexpected visage from beyond the grave - Johnny's disembodied mother. She warns her son to take heed: an evil presence lurks deep within.

But unbeknown to Johnny, his final arrangements have already been made, and he is unceremoniously led to the castle's ghoulish sanctuary of terror. Here he will come face to face with Mephisto and Mr. D, the custodians of evil, who will tempt him with the promise of fame and fortune - in exchange for his eternal soul! Now, before night turns to mourning, Johnny will find himself dying to escape the chilling castle . . . alive!

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An nWave Pictures Production. Producers: Caroline van Iseghem, Charlotte Huggins. Director/Writer/Executive Producer: Ben Stassen. Distributed by nWave Pictures Distribution. Japanese Distriibutor: Sarai Inc. With the voices of: Jasper Steverlinck, Kyoko Baertsoen, Harry Shearer.

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Rating: Excellent
Posted by: Guest
Well I gotta say. This film if you can understand the reality behind the imagery of fiction was spot on the mark. It portrays the real life of the music industry. Johnny is portrayed as your typical youngster who has a passion and talent for music. Mr.D is portrayed as your typical big time record label executive out to sign new talent to use and abuse for self gain. I think the actual tour through Mr.D's haunted castle was to aim at showing Johnny where he would end up if he didnt sign with the big corporation. Basically as a lost music soul, washed up and wasted because of no recognition through no corporate support and promotion. But just like Neo in the Matrix and other super heros in films, Johnny sees the preview for what it truly is. Tearing down the fear and the false pretences of what his shown, to see what its truly like in the music industry. That these big record labels take your raw talent and then mold you into a money making scheme in which they make all the profit. Bands such as the Chillie Peppers and Black eyed Peas are 2 such groups who you will notice have bowed down to the main stream to record shallow pop tunes to suit the market to increase sales and record profits. Ofcourse this doesnt bother them. They get rich and dont care but they have sold there soul to the devil by doing such. Johnny wont have a bar of that. The ending of the film is the films creators basically making a statement that if you are determined enough to do it the hard way. You will succeed. The world maybe caught in the matrix, but new ideas do find there ways to evolving at some stage and with the end of the film where Johnny is singing to a packed house portrays this. It is truly a deep film if you can get into the reality behind it. Films like these must be looked at as reality to make any deep and meaningful impression. Its always there. Imagination is just the expression of one persons truth. It is not fiction. It is always based on fact. ... Read More >>

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