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Forces of Nature

Alternate Title(s): Formerly Natural Disasters: Forces of Nature

bigImage A great paradox underpins our existence: the forces that make life possible also imperil it. In FORCES OF NATURE, audiences will experience the spectacle of tornadoes, floods, erupting volcanoes, hurricanes and their aftermath.

Viewers will also gain insight, as they learn how these natural disasters occur and what scientists and engineers are doing to predict and prepare for events and to minimize damage in the future. Audiences will be inspired as they meet courageous survivors determined to rebuild.

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Forces of Nature: Filming Tornados [QT Med.]

Forces of Nature: Trailer [QT Med.]

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A Graphic Films, Inc. Production. Distributed by National Geographic Giant Screen Films. Producer: Paul Novros. Director: George Casey. Script: Mose Richards. DP: Sean Casey. Second Unit DP: Greg Eliason. Executive Producer: Lisa Truitt. Sponsored by Amica Insurance, with additional financial support from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Narrated by Kevin Bacon.


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[PDF] Forces of Nature

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Latest Review:

Rating: Poor
Posted by: naitster
Terribly disappointing far the worst IMAX I've ever seen. It is slow, plodding, and why they call it forces of nature while ignoring floods, lightening, snow, fire, etc. is beyond me. The primary focus was on a volcano eruption 11 (!) years ago and some tracking of a hurricane. Very dull and not really recommended. ... Read More >>

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