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Australia: Land Beyond Time

bigImage It's more like another planet than another country. The land down under is undoubtedly one of the most diverse of all countries. AUSTRALIA: LAND BEYOND TIME, a new large format film from Living Pictures and Houston Museum of Natural Science, explores how life in this rugged, eroded land has adapted and flourished in a largely arid environment. See how the bounding giant red kangaroo has become more efficient than most athletes. And, how plants and animals cooperate to maximize their chance of survival.

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Produced by Living Pictures Party, Ltd, in collaboration with the Houston Museum of Natural Science; the Museum of Science, Boston; Cincinnatti Museum Center; and Museum of Victoria (Australia). Producer/Director: David Flatman. Distributed by Houston Museum of Natural Science. Executive Producer: Houston Museum of Natural Science. Financed by the Australian Film Finance Corporation Limited. Narrator: Alex Scott.

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Rating: Fair
Posted by: Dizzy
Well, if you want to keep tourists from Australia this movie will do it. In this very short movie, only one part of the country is portrayed and not in any depth. The camera shots are beautiful and that is apparently what they were striving for in this film. We only see part of the Outback, although that isn't explained, and very little information is offered. There are numerous shots of kangaroos and pelicans but we learn virtually nothing about them. This is a film to skip. The fictional movie "Australia" actually offers much more information than this film. ... Read More >>

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