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Journey into Amazing Caves

bigImage JOURNEY INTO AMAZING CAVES tells the story of two women, Nancy Aulenbach and Dr. Hazel Barton, who share love for caves and cave exploration. The film tracks these two accomplished cavers as they explore unusual caves, like the ice caves in Greenland and the underwater caves in the jungles of Mexico. On the giant screen, this unique story will transport viewers on an adventure to some of the most extraordinary environments on earth.

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A MacGillivray Freeman Film. Produced in association with Cincinnati Museum Center. Major Funding Provided by National Science Foundation. Producer/Cinematographer: Greg MacGillivray. Producer, Director, Editor: Stephen Judson. Distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films. Narrated by Liam Neeson. Music by Moody Blues.

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[PDF] Journey into Amazing Caves

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Rating: Very Good
Posted by: twalker711
Pretty AMAZING stuff . . . can't believe they can get an IMAX camera in some of these places. If the job of an IMAX film is to take you places you'd never otherwise go, this one certainly succeeds! Only complaint is the music . . . Moody Blues doesn't set the right mood. ... Read More >>

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