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China: The Panda Adventure

bigImage CHINA: THE PANDA ADVENTURE is the true story of Ruth Harkness, a fiercely independent woman who travels to the mysterious forests of China to follow in her late husband's footsteps and achieve his dream of bringing the first live Giant Panda to America.

China, 1936. After her husband dies in the dense bamboo forests of China, Ruth McCombs Harkness (Maria Bello) leaves her flourishing fashion business in America and embarks on her own journey of self discovery. Ruth is intent on fulfilling her husband's dream of showing the world the true, gentle nature of the Giant Panda.

As her expedition makes its treacherous journey from Shanghai, up the Yangtze River, through the rugged Min Valley and into the isolated Wolong forests, Ruth must rely on her wits and her determination to survive as she races to find the mysterious creature before a band of trophy-hunting poachers.

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Producer: Antoine Compin and Charis Horton. Director: Robert Young. Executive Producer: Andrew Gellis and John Wilcox. Adapted for the screen by Jeanne Rosenberg, from the autobiography by Ruth Harkness. Distributed by IMAX Corporation. Director of Photography: Reed Smoot.


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Rating: Poor
Posted by: upinya
Never in my life could I have imagined a movie so bad on a format so big. This was soap-opera garbage. Of the total 45 minutes of the film, there was maybe 4 or 5 minutes of actual pandas on screen. PATHETIC. I really want my money back. ... Read More >>

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