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Picture Holland

It takes PICTURE HOLLAND 15 minutes to let the viewer experience what the Netherlands is all about: a country of contrasts. From quaint old harbours, where history seems trapped, and wide vistas where only birds dare to tread, to innovative architecture and fervent activity, the audience finds itself sailing on the ever-present wind over patchwork farmlands and the silver rivers which the old Dutch Masters once caught on canvas. The viewer will have the feeling of being crushed between the enormous wooden gears of a 17th century windmill, or being caught in the 20th century rush hour of Amsterdam, or of dangling from the landing bear of a Boeing 747 as it is about to touch down at Schiphol airport. It's entertainment, but it also conveys the message of what made the country what it is.

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Distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films. Producers: Alewijn Dekker, Gerard Raucamp. Director: John Armstrong.


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