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Encounter in the Third Dimension 3D

Alternate Title(s): 3D Mania

bigImage At the Institute of 3-D Technology, a bright but slightly disorganized professor (played by Stuart Pankin) offers us a crash course in 3-D technology. Not content with dry scientific explanations, the Professor presents Elvira, an entertainer best known as the Mistress of the Dark, to show off his latest innovation, a new 3-D process called Real-O-Vision. When his demonstration goes awry, the Professor enlists the services of his wisecracking assistant, a flying robot named Max, to entertain and educate the audience about the wonders of 3-D.

To explain the history of 3-D technology, Max takes the audience on a magical journey through time, from early cave drawings and hieroglyphics to the discovery of perspective by Renaissance artists of the sixteenth century. We learn that it was not until the invention of the world's first stereoscopic viewer in 1838 that true 3-D was born. During the turn-of-the century when 3-D viewing devices and cameras were commonplace, stereographic photography experienced its Golden Age. L'Arrivee du Train, one of the first motion pictures ever made, was shot in 3-D by the Lumiere Brothers in France in 1903. The film appeared to be a little too realistic for French audiences; many filmgoers fled the theater screaming as a locomotive seemingly burst through the screen in a cloud of smoke and into the theater!

Determined to prove 3-D is bigger and better than ever, the Professor lets the audience take a sneak peek at his collection of some of the best 3-D creations of the last 20 years. He proudly shows off exciting scenes from several theme park films, including James Cameron's Terminator 2: 3-D With a newfound confidence, the Professor again cranks up his Real-O-Vision machine. To everyone's surprise, it actually works with Elvira coming life in amazing 3-D. He's a genius!

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An nWave Pictures production, in association with IWERKS Entertainment, Luminair and Movida. Producers: Charlotte Clay Huggins, Ben Stassen. Director: Ben Stassen. Distributed by nWave Pictures (15/70 version) and Iwerks Entertainment (8/70 version). Japanese Distributor: Sarai Inc. Starring Stuart Pankin, Harry Shearer, Cassandra Peterson, Andrea Thompson, and Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. Writers: Ben Stassen, Kurt Frey. Animation by Movida and Trix. Music by Louis Vyncke.


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Rating: Excellent
Posted by: matt
Great Great Great this movie was the best 3d movie i have ever seen. the 3d effects are incredible.this imax movie is a hit. if you want to see a 3d movie this is one to see. ... Read More >>

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