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A Serengeti Story

The Serengeti is one of the world's most spectacular ecosystems. It's home to the biggest migration of mammals on Earth. Two million wildebeest endure a treacherous year-long journey, culminating in the largest synchronized birth of mammals on the planet. Why they travel such long distances, and why they time their births together were among nature's greatest mysteries. Fifty years ago, scientist Tony Sinclair set out to answer those questions. A Serengeti Story recounts his incredible life's work. Sinclair and his fellow scientists discovered something much bigger and more complex than they ever imagined. Now, with climate changing and resources becoming scarcer, understanding how populations are regulated is even more important.

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Produced by Digital Crossing Productions. Distributed by SK Films. Directed by Michael Dalton-Smith. Director of Photography: Michael Dalton-Smith. Produced by Michael Dalton-Smith, Jonathan Barker. Written by Michael Dalton-Smith, Wendy MacKeigan. Executive Producer: Jonathan Barker.


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