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Antarctica: The Frozen Time Capsule

A team of NHK crew and SETI scientists embark on an expedition to Antarctica to unlock the secrets behind how Earth became so full of oxygen. Antarctic underwater lakes are known to hide pristine primordial ecosystem still today. At an ice-covered lake on Antarctica more that 100 kilometers away from the nearest station, the team bored a hole in the thick ice and started dives to capture the underwater world in 8K 60fps. In the bottom of the lake an ancient strain of bacteria is still thriving, silently producing oxygen just as they did in the primordial sea billions of years ago and forming a mysterious micro-biotic landscape of unearthly beauty; the lake bottom seems as if an alien planet. This unique, precious time capsule of Earth's history will be presented for the first time ever in stunningly high resolution video images and a higher frame rate.

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Produced by NHK International. Directed by Yoshinori Tsutsui. Produced by Takuya Yoshida.


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