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Amazing Animals: Back from the Brink

Humanity’s self-proclaimed title as Earth’s Stewards comes with great responsibility. As populations continue to increase and expand, and industry stretches across the planet along with them, the future for the natural world is uncertain. AMAZING ANIMALS: BACK FROM THE BRINK will paint a modern picture of environmental sustainability and the hope for a path to sustained coexistence. Through the lens of some of the world’s most amazing animals, we will see how innovative ecosystem-level solutions can bring these endangered species, and the diminishing habitats in which they thrive, back from the brink.

By taking a broader, more sustainable approach to preserving these animals, we look not only at species that are struggling but the designs of the systems in which they live. Entire ecosystems — biological communities created through millions of years of evolutionary interactions between organisms — are at risk as well. To protect the habitat that supports those species and preserve services we humans rely on, from cleansing water for our cities and homes to mitigating impacts of climate change, we need to save not just species, but also ecosystems, from extinction. It is people on every level, from corporations to communities to individuals, that must work together to create a new framework that will support the needs of both humanity and our animal counterparts.

Acclaimed wildlife Director and Cinematographer Sean Casey takes the audience on a global journey, using the immersive technology that only the 3D giant screen format can provide.

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Film Info

  • Type: Documentary
  • Release date: 2018
  • Run time: 40 mins.
  • Format: 15/70, Digital, Full Dome
  • 3D: Yes
  • Genre: Animals/Nature
  • Director(s):
  • Producer(s):
  • Distributor: K2 Communications

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In Development


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Produced by Jen Casey Productions and K2 Communications. Distributed by K2 Communications.


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