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Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation

Alternate Title(s): Formerly Volcanoes: Land of Fire

bigImage Earth is a planet born of fire. For billions of years volcanoes have helped create the world we know. From the continents to the air we breathe, and even life itself, all have their origins in fire.

These processes are still creating incredible ecosystems and wildlife habitats today. With over 500 active volcanoes, our Earth is bursting at the seams with these forces of mass construction. The story of volcanoes is the story of Earth’s creation, and the story of us.

Volcanoes – the First of Creation is a tale of science, culture, and thrilling adventure. Audiences will be on the edge of their seats as our scientists and explorers discover molten worlds and erupting craters in this adrenaline-filled, immersive experience that only IMAX® / Giant Screen films can provide.

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Produced by Digital Crossing Films. Distributed by SK Films.


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