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The Dolphin Ambassador

Alternate Title(s): Formerly In the Wake of the Dolphin

Come along on a fantastic journey to swim with dolphins and dive the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the world's second largest coral reef. This is the story about a special Atlantic bottlenose dolphin named Han and the ocean he calls home. Han is remarkable because his life has bridged two worlds. One of living in the wild and instinctively caring for himself, and the other, living within managed care where food and companionship are provided. The heart of the storyline is that Han and some of his buddies are allowed to leave their enclosure every day and swim in the open ocean. What could they encounter along this magnificent reef? Will Han and his buddies choose to return to managed care or decide to live on their own in the wild? This freedom of choice is intriguing and creates a bond between an iconic marine mammal and mankind. Dolphin specialist and star of the MacGillivray Freeman Film, Dolphins from 2000, Kathleen Dudzinski, Ph.D., will be a scientific advisor for the project and appear on camera. People who have dedicated their lives to working with dolphins will be highlighted.

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Produced by Milbrand Cinema. Produced and Directed by Lance Milbrand. Director of Photography: Lance Milbrand. Editor: Dave Choice. Score: Icarus Music. Cast: Kathleen Dudzinski, Eldon Bolton.


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