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Feathered Dinosaurs

Alternate Title(s): Formerly Jurassic China; Dinosaurs of China

bigImage On the green slopes of giant volcanoes lives Microraptor. Not a bird, nor a normal dinosaur: with four wings, this small, feathered dinosaur glides between trees in search of lizards or insects to feed its young. Being tiny exposes it to various threats from its neighbours: on the ground, Sinosauropteryx – a squirrel version of Velociraptor - and the massive Yutyranus – a sort of feathered T-Rex – roam in search of dinner. Highly exposed on the ground, Microraptor can only climb trees to escape. Its neighbours have other strategies: primitive mammals rely on dens to hide in and poisonous heel spurs to inflict deadly wounds; coloured Caudipteryx – a peacock version of a small Velociraptor – or “Pyjama raptor” – another fluffy raptor - have to run through the maze of trees to confuse their predators. Every minute, Microraptor battles to survive: Darwinopterus pterosaurs attack through the canopy, winter brings snow and volcanoes spew deadly clouds of ashes. Will Microraptor thrive long enough to give its chicks a chance to flee and venture out of their nest?

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Produced by Saint Thomas Productions. Distributed by K2 Communications. Narrated by James Faulkner.


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