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Heart Land

bigImage HEART LAND captures the spirit of a land, taking viewers from a raging white water kayaking ride and the thundering heat of a chuck wagon race, swoops over a field of magnificent sunflowers and demonstrates the magic of a solar eclipse. There are landscapes of unparalleled beauty, the exquisite grace of Evelyn Hart and Andre Lewis dancing Norbet Vesak's award- winning pasdes-deux; Belong, a hilarious animated sequence by Richard Condie, and touching images, past and present, of the people who have dared to carve out a new life against a vast and sometimes unforgiving landscape.

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A presentation of the governments of Canada and Manitoba and the North Portage Development Corporation. Produced for the North Portage Development Corporation and the Portage Place IMAX Theatre by IMAX Corporation. Directed by Norma Bailey, Richard Condie, Aaron Kim Johnston, Derek Mazur, John Paskievich, Gail Singer and Brion Whitford. Distributed by IMAX Corporation.


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