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The Secret Canyon

The Secret Canyon is the story of two young adults: Clara and Hidalgo. They're going to meet against the spectacular backdrop of a Canyon in the south of France: the biggest European canyon, the most beautiful and spectacular. Our characters don't have anything in common. Their areas of interest are different, their skin color is different, and even their levels of openness towards other people are different. But they are going to meet. They are going to have an experience which will make them friends for life -- an experience against backdrop that's far greater than anything any human could create: a wild place, and they will have to manage their own path through virgin places. Each of them is going to enable the other to have a powerful experience that will stay with them for a long time to come.

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Produced by Camera Lucida Productions. Written and directed by Francois Bertrand. Director of Photography: Pascal Auffray. Score by Armand Amar.


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