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Pono: The Secret of Hawaii

bigImage For more than 75 generations, Hawaiians thrived in large numbers in the most isolated place on Earth: a few small islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Their secret was "Pono:" the ideal balance between man and nature. Their very survival depended on maintaining Pono, because they literally had nowhere else to go. Now, after more than 200 years of exposure to the outside world, this fragile balance has been broken. Reliance on imported food and fuel, invasive species, urban blight, and other unsustainable practices make life very difficult for Hawaiians -- likely impossible in the long term. All hope is not lost. More and more, Hawaiians are determined to bring Pono back to Hawaii by combining ancient practices with modern technology. PONO: THE SECRET OF HAWAII invites viewers to visit this magical place and learn how they too can adopt the spirit of Pono and bring balance to their lives.

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A Film by Pierre Hugues Routhier. Produced by Richard W. Kroon.


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