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The Last Buffalo (3D)

bigImage THE LAST BUFFALO, a spectacular IMAX 3D film that was hailed as an advance in 3D technology when it made its debut at EXPO 90 in Osaka, Japan and became one of the most popular attractions at the fair. Described by the press as "a work of art", the film, which focuses on the fragility of Earth's wildlife and the need to protect our wilderness, was filmed in the magical "Hoodoos" of the Alberta badlands.

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A presentation of Wild World Films Ltd., a subsidiary of Imax Corporation, for Suntory Ltd. Executive Producer: Susumu Sakane. Producers: Roman Koitor and Sally Dundas. Directed by Stephen Low. Distributed by IMAX Corporation. Director of Photography: Andrew Kitzanuk. Editor: James Lahti. Composer: Eldon Rathburn. Filmed in IMAX 3D for an IMAX two projector system. Also availabe in IMAX 2D.


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Rating: Excellent
Posted by: CinemaDude
THE LAST BUFFALO is one of the most impressive 3D titles I have ever seen, right up there with the best of the 3D titles like AVATAR, HUGO, HOUSE OF WAX, etc. It is a true cinematic experience -- the 3D is truly stunning and the content and concept are beautiful executed with not a word of dialogue, reminiscent of the beginning and ending sequences in 2001:ASO and many silent films -- completely visual and cinematic. It brilliantly juxtaposes and contrasts the beauty of the natural world against the beauty of the art created by man and technology. Highly recommended now that it is available in BluRay 3D. ... Read More >>

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