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Flying Free

bigImage 3 pilots and mountain climbers will fly through the beautiful mountains of Mexico as we learn the behaviour of clouds, wind and the secrets of birds. The adventure takes place in the central part of Mexico, including forest, lakes, and the Neovolcanic zone, where we find mountains with eternal glaciers and volcanoes in full eruption.

Promoting integration, adaptation and connection with the nature and the planet, these climbers and entrepreneurs explore an impossible world that only the eagles and the birds know. Through fun, adventure, and accurate science, including meteorology, physics, aerodynamics and ecology, audiences will experience an amazing natural phenomena: Flight. Follow these paragliding pilots as they share their stories and the risks and joys of learning to fly.

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  • Type: Documentary
  • Release date: TBD
  • Format: Digital
  • Genre: Flight
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Produced by Marquez Films.


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