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Adventures in Animation (3D)

Alternate Title(s): Formerly Virtual Actors

bigImage Featuring state-of-the-art 3D animation, ADVENTURES IN ANIMATION 3D introduces the "stars" of tomorrow, by taking viewers on a journey through the world of computer-generated virtual actors. Colorful virtual hosts Phil and Maria demonstrate the creation of virtual actor Slim: how he is designed, sculpted, painted and directed to move.

To showcase the realism and effectiveness of virtual actors, once Slim is "complete," he comes to life—through the wonders of animation—and enters the set of his first film: a 1930s boxing arena filled with cheering fans. Slim’s role is as a featherweight scheduled to fight another featherweight, aptly named Feathers, but, instead, the shady boxing promoter pairs him against heavyweight Killer, a mountain of muscle who has 43 wins—all by knockout—under his belt. In a hilarious match, Slim, the heroic underdog, never loses heart. After all, he has hopes of becoming the undisputed champion of the world.

This eye-popping animated adventure is cool, high-tech fun for the whole family that packs a one-two punch: a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a virtual actor and front-row seat for the break-through role of his career.

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Produced by TFX Animation. Distributed by WGBH Enterprises. Produced and Directed by Pierre Lachapelle. Written by Pierre Lachapelle and Philippe Bergeron. Line Producer: Lucie Marchand. VFX Team Leader: Stephen Menzies. Composers: Steve Bramson, Jean Robitaille. Based on a story by Kaveh Kardan. With the voices of: Aron Tager as Phil/Fats, Caroline J. Ambrose as Maria, Vincent Corazza as Slim, André Sogliuzzo as Shorty, Kevin Michael Richardson as Coach, Kevin Dorsey as Killer, and Philippe Bergeron as Ref.

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