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Distributor Profile: 3D Entertainment Distribution Ltd.

bigImage 3D Entertainment Distribution Ltd.
Ibex House
61-65 Baker Street
Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8AH
United Kingdom

Phone: +1-800-819-7753 | +44 20-7681-2357 | Fax: +44 20-7681-2

3D Entertainment is a fast-growing independent company specializing in the production, distribution and marketing of unique and innovative underwater-themed 3D films for IMAX® theatres and Digital 3D cinemas worldwide. Our mission is to immerse audiences of all ages in high quality 3D story-driven experiences that inspire and educate on the vital need to protect the oceans and their inhabitants.

The company has developed an original growth strategy for the US and international marketplaces based on the overall control of all production- and distribution-related aspects of its documentary films. This allows the organization to impose its professionalism, original and innovative methods, and quality standards to every stage of the creative process from early conception to the theatrical launch of its film products, making it one of the few independent companies within the IMAX® industry to be integrated vertically.

The company's corporate website is

3D Entertainment is a privately held company headquartered in London with a satellite office in Paris. A separate business unit, 3D Entertainment Distribution, was created in 2007 to oversee all non-production-related activities from theatrical rights sales, film marketing, promotional events and educational outreach programs to the development of ancillary markets. The company has also created US and Canadian subsidiaries to sustain its own expansion, 3D Entertainment USA (Detroit, MI) and 3D Entertainment Canada (Toronto, ON), respectively.

Founded in 2001, the company is headed by Francois and Jean-Jacques Mantello, two brothers who decided to combine their passion for the 3D/stereoscopic medium with the underwater world and ocean conservation, and share the results with the largest possible audience. Both are involved in the making of the company's films, serving as producer and director respectively. They have been joined from the outset by Gavin McKinney, an expert underwater cinematographer whose company, McKinney Underwater Productions, serves as a co-production entity. Francois Mantello is also the chairman of 3D Entertainment Distribution.

The company has developed strategic business alliances through the years with the following companies: Celco Inc. (USA), K2 Communications Inc. (USA), Fantasia Film Gmbh & Co. Verleih KG (Germany), Sarai Inc. (Japan), Mantello Films Sarl (France), Studio Helios XVI Sarl (France), nWave Pictures NV (Belgium) and Cascade Films Sro (Russia).

In 2001, 3D Entertainment launched a landmark plan focusing on ocean life that includes the production of a feature-length film and a series of documentaries shot in 3D specifically for release at IMAX® theatres. Launched in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the company's first venture was the coral-themed "Ocean Wonderland 3D", which saw the light of day at IMAX® theatres in 2003. The film has been launched in 17 different territories and 12 foreign versions have been produced to date.

Along with UNEP, Jean-Michel Cousteau and his non-profit organization, Ocean Futures Society, partnered with the company on the 2005 release of "Sharks 3D: A Close Encounter with the Lions and Tigers of the Ocean", which offers audiences an astonishing up-close look at these wild and endangered animals which first came into existence a hundred million years before the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The film has been launched in 20 different territories and 14 foreign versions have been produced to date.

Launched in February 2008, "Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean" marks the third episode in the company's ocean adventure series for the world's biggest screens. Narrated by actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah and presented once again by the son of the legendary commandant Jacques-Yves Cousteau, this latest documentary takes audiences on an extraordinary dive with small and giant cetaceans and invites them to join these fascinating marine mammals in their daily activities: interacting socially, feeding, breeding, migrating and perpetually fighting for their survival.

All three episodes have proven immensely popular with audiences around the world, grossing a combined USD 65 million at the box office and counting.

3D Entertainment is currently in post-production on its first feature-length film, "Oceans 3D: Voyage of A Turtle" (wt) (85 minutes), slated for release at Digital 3D cinemas in 2009. The company also announced in early 2008 that it had begun actively developing a new 42-minute film, tentatively titled "Sea Turtles 3D", scheduled to hit IMAX® 3D theatres in spring 2010.

Movies Distributed by 3D Entertainment Distribution Ltd.

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