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Director Profile: Al Giddings


Occupation: Producer/Director/Cinematographer
Active Years: 30+
Birthplace: San Francisco, California

Al Giddings has earned a reputation as one of the most creative and talented director - producer - cinematographers in the entertainment industry. Never settling for off-the-shelf technology, Giddings is constantly designing innovative camera, lighting, and optical systems in all film and video formats, from large-format to high definition television.

A founding partner in the non-fiction production entity Mandalay Media Arts, Giddings is well known in the entertainment industry for his underwater directing and shooting of highly-acclaimed films such as The Deep and the James Bond classics For Your Eyes Only and Never Say Never Again. He pushed underwater film techniques and technology with groundbreaking innovations as director of underwater photography for The Abyss - a film that was nominated for an Academy Award for outstanding cinematography. He also recently served as co-producer/director of underwater photography for the 1997 blockbuster spectacular Titanic.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Giddings became interested in diving as a teenager. He built his own diving suit and purchased one of the first aqualungs that became available during the 1950s. Giddings explored and photographed underwater life along the California coast, selling some of his early print work to magazines. During the 1960s, he engineered and manufactured many underwater camera systems and lighting units and began producing underwater documentary films. Since then, he has directed and produced countless undersea feature films, television specials, and commercials.

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