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Director Profile: Colin Low


Occupation: Director

Colin Low was originally applauded for his animation skills. He joined NFB in 1945 and guided their creative journey which culminated in the true birth of Large Format Cinema. In 1954, Low released his first, non-animation documentary, "Corral" and he was fully responsible for producing and directing the short. Next, he created his most honored film, "City of Gold" which debuted in 1957. The storyline was captured in less than 30 minutes and originated a style that has influenced modern documentarians like Ken Burns and Ron Fricke. This film garnered 17 awards, among them, The Academy Award for Best Short Documentary Film.

During the 1960s, under the auspices of the NFB, Low helped develop revolutionary film formats that are considered the precursors of IMAX and OMNIMAX. His co-direction with Roman Kroitor of "Universe" inspired the effects Stanley Kubrick utilized in "2001: A Space Odyssey". And during Expo '67, his film "In the Labyrinth" was the biggest sensation of the entire event. It captivated a public who became hungry for more films that would be projected large in 35mm and 70mm simultaneously.

The National Film Board of Canada was a major force responsible for the emergence of large format cinema as a viable and desirable avenue of expression for auteurs. The NFB nurtured and supported the development of countless film innovations that Colin Low and others integrated into their storytelling.

With Colin Low at the creative nexus, their partnership contributed to over a dozen IMAX productions and paved the way for new aesthetics in both 2D and 3D large format filmmaking. Film history recognizes that part of the NFB's powerful legacy is the responsibility for facilitating and financing the fascinating technique known today as large format 3-D. By encouraging IMAX to take filmmaking to the next level, as well as underwriting the expense of research and development, the NFB revolutionized the industry as we know it. Their participation made it possible to complete and dsitribute such exceptional films such as "Emergency", "Momentum" and "Atnos".

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