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Director Profile: David Breashears


Occupation: Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Mountaineer
Active Years: 20

David Breashears is the world's most accomplished high altitude mountaineer/filmmaker. Breashears has combined his climbing expertise and filmmaking vision in dozens of adventure film projects, several of them involving ascents of Mount Everest. In 1983 Breashears transmitted the first live pictures from the summit of Mount Everest for ABC Sports, winning an Emmy® for Innovative Technical Achievement. In 1985, he became the first American to reach the summit of Everest twice. He has led or participated in 18 Himalayan expeditions. As deputy leader of the 1986 Everest North Ridge expedition, he produced and filmed "Everest: The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine," named Best Mountain Film in Telluride, 1992. His other films include the award-winning "Red Flag Over Tibet" for the PBS series "Frontline"; "Ice Climb!" for National Geographic Explorer and "Taller Than Everest" for Nova. Breashears was also a second unit cinematographer on the blockbuster feature "Cliffhanger," starring Sylvester Stallone. In 1997, Breashears reached the summit for his fourth time while filming for PBS television.

David is currently on location with his latest large format film production, KILIMINJARO: MOUNTAIN OF MANY FACES. (* See the BMZ Original Clip --David Breashears: Everest to Kiliminjaro -- in BMZ Clips!)

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