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Director Profile: Colin Davies

Occupation: Director, Spin Entertainment
Birthplace: Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Spin Entertainment's (Toronto) COLIN DAVIES has been directing award-winning CG animation for 4 years and working in film and television production for 9 years.

Coming from a background in live-action film editing, Davies started directing animation at Mainframe Entertainment. His credits include numerous episodes from the first and second season of Beast Wars, and the premiere episode of War Planets. In 1998, Beast Wars won a Daytime Emmy Award for production design based on the episode "Other Visits Part 1," which Davies directed.

He joined Spin Entertainment in 1999 and was instrumental in setting up the long form animation division. He is now splitting his time between animation production and content development.

Born in Alert Bay, British Columbia, Davies enrolled in the Vancouver Film School in 1991 and became involved with the local independent film community working in a variety of jobs before concentrating on editing and, later, directing.

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