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Director Profile: Keith Melton


Occupation: Director/Writer/Producer
Active Years: 18
Birthplace: Santa Barbara, California

Keith Melton has directed some of the most creative large format films of today. At the beginning of his career, Melton saw special venue films as an opportunity to tell unique stories using unique technology. To date, the versatile director, writer, producer has worked on a wide range of films in 70mm, 35mm and 3D.

Recently, Melton has directed several 70mm films for the outdoor entertainment industry. He directed the action-packed License to Thrill for Landmark Entertainment, Danjaq, MGM/UA, and Paramount Parks. Featuring motorcycle chases, train-top fights, exploding helicopters, skydiving and jet skiing, the complex live action film combines a motion-based simulator with a continuous POV film.

Melton's multi-sensory Haunts of the Olde Country utilizes digital surround sound and elaborate computer graphics in addition to special effects within the theater environment. Shot on location throughout England and Scotland, the award-winning 70mm 3D film for Iwerks Entertainment and Busch Gardens, Williamsburg tells the tale of an American boy who inadvertently conjures up a wicked witch and has a spell cast upon him.

His second project for Busch Entertainment led him to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to shoot the 3D comedy, Pirates. Starring Leslie Nielsen, the film tells the tale of a young boy and his monkey against a band of witless pirates. Co-starring and written by Monty Python's Eric Idle, the film also includes a cameo by Rodney Dangerfield.

Melton worked as a director, producer, co-writer and editor of Sensorium for Landmark Entertainment Group and Six Flags. The 35mm, 3D film employs unique opticals, surround sound and interactive scents released in sync with the picture.

A native of Santa Barbara, California and a graduate of USC Film School, Melton developed his ability to tell highly visual stories after having worked on commercials, music videos and many unique promotional films in many different capacities. Melton directed Journey of the Heart and directed, edited and wrote Switch, both for Toyota/Dentsu; directed The Texas Adventure for the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas; served as producer on "The Lost M Adventure" for Ethel M Chocolates and Mars Candy, a combination of computer graphics, stop-motion animation and live-action; and directed Ride the Network for AT&T's pavilion at EPCOT.

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