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Director Profile: Greg MacGillivray


Occupation: Producer/Director/Cinematographer
Active Years: 30+
Birthplace: Southern California, USA

The art and sport of surfing inspired Greg MacGillivray's film career. In the 1960's he traveled the surfing circuit, not with his surfboard, but with his 16mm camera. His films soon played in southern California theatres and elsewhere, as the sports film genre was popularized in cities and small towns throughout the United States. MacGillivray's love for the ocean has taken him to waters around the world. He has since dedicated his film company to increasing the public's awareness of this important and fragile environment.

A pioneer in the giant screen industry, Greg MacGillivray has shot more than four million feet of 70mm film during his career — more than anyone in cinema history — and remains at the forefront of artistic and technological innovations in his field. He initiated the development of three cameras for the IMAX theater format: the high-speed (slow-motion) camera, the industry's first lightweight camera, and the "all-weather" camera used during filming on Mount Everest.

MacGillivray has also worked in Hollywood, directing and photographing for Stanley Kubrick on The Shining, and filming for Academy Award®-nominee Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Oscar®-winning Sentinels of Silence. Recent honors awarded to MacGillivray and company include an Academy Award nomination for The Living Sea for Best Documentary/Short Subject in 1995. In 1996, To Fly! was selected by the Library of Congress for inclusion in the National Film Registry, America's film archive, where it joins such classics as Gone With The Wind and Citizen Kane as one of the most important films of 100 years of American filmmaking.

In March 2001, MacGillivray released Journey into Amazing Caves, a film that takes audiences deep into the heart of some of the world's most beautiful and dangerous caves, followed by Coral Reef Adventure which was released in March of 2002. Recently MacGillivray released Greece: Secrets of the Past; he is currently working on several films including Hurricane on the Bayou, The Alps: Giants of Nature and Water Planet.

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