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Director Profile: Sean Phillips

Occupation: Director

Since 1983, with his work creating animated 3D titles for Friday the 13th Part III, and Jaws 3D, Director of Photography, Sean Phillips has pushed the envelope for stereoscopic filmmaking. As visual effects supervisor on the large format 3D films Wings of Courage, T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous and Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box, Phillips resolved unique technical challenges in getting stereo photography and computer images to work in the 15/70mm giant screen format.

As director of photography on nWave Pictures productions Thrill Ride, Encounter in the Third Dimension, MisAdventures in 3D, and Wild Safari 3D, Phillips has demonstrated a mastery of giant screen 3D that is pragmatic and at the same time, ingenious.

In May of 2001, Phillips was presented the Kodak Vision Award for Excellence in Large Format Cinematography. Two special venue 3D projects Starlight Express, a live stage show incorporating stereoscopic projection and R.L. Stine's, Haunted Lighthouse at Sea World in San Diego have recently incorporated Phillips' unique wizardry. The award-winning large format 3D film Bugs! 3D and nWave Pictures' MisAdventures in 3D (2003), a 3D sequel to the 1999 Encounter film are his most recent stereoscopic projects. Using a unique technology for stereoscopic photography on Wild Safari 3D and African Adventure 3D, Phillips has broken new ground for wildlife documentaries. Philips is currently directing his first large format film, Sea Monsters 3D.

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