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Director Profile: David Douglas


Occupation: Director/Cinematographer
Active Years: 30

David’s career spans the history of giant-screen filmmaking. With more than 30 years in the medium, he is its most experienced cinematographer having photographed some 30 films for giant screen as well as other producers. Among his directing credits are such milestones as the Oscar-nominated Fires of Kuwait, the critically acclaimed Survival Island, the first giant screen concert feature; Rolling Stones at the Max, and his most recent release, Wolves.

When IMAX® founder and inventor Graeme Ferguson created the IMAX Space Team, Douglas spent 18 months training dozens of astronauts to be filmmakers. He supported their orbital efforts from ground control, and shot the terrestrial images for the films The Dream is Alive, Blue Planet, Destiny in Space and Mission to Mir.

David works in partnership with his wife, producer Diane Roberts. Their next film is Straight Up: Adventures in Vertical Flight, released in Fall 2002.

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