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Director Profile: Marc Fafard

Occupation: Director
Birthplace: Canada

After studying Film, Drama and Educative technology in Laval University of Quebec City, Marc assumed key roles, mainly as producer, production or location manager and assistant director in dozens of productions ranging from corporate and educational videos to features and TV series over the last 12 years. During the last five years, he concentrated on screenwriting and directing in Canada, France and the United States on corporate, museum, documentary and commercial productions. Always seeking to balance information, visual innovation, emotion and entertainment, he's shaping Courage into a thrilling and entertaining yet highly educative experience. In large format Courage, he wants to capture the very soul of risk takers of all types and explain the true value of risk in its all its forms, from Leonardo's daring visions to the revolutionary inventions of Edison, from the simple step towards the other to the step off the highest cliff.

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