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Director Profile: Stephen Judson


Occupation: Director/Producer/Editor; VP, Production and Post-Production, MacGillivray Freeman Films
Active Years: 30

Mr. Judson is by far the most experienced editor in the large format field. Since 1983, he has edited all but one of the IMAX® films produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films, including: Speed, To The Limit, The Living Sea, Stormchasers, The Magic of Flight, Everest and Dolphins. Judson was also co-director, co-writer, and one of the producers of Everest, and he was co-writer and editor for Dolphins. Prior to Journey into Amazing Caves, Judson directed three IMAX® format films for MacGillivray Freeman: Time Concerto, Homeland and Yampa! The Untamed River. In 1996 he directed A New Day, the company's first production in the "8/70" format.

Prior to his work with MacGillivray Freeman Films, Judson received numerous awards for work as writer, director and editor for various film and television productions. Judson also served as writer, director, and editor for U.S. Art, which was voted one of the Ten Most Outstanding Films of the Decade (1970-1980) by the Information Film Producers of America. Judson graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in 1967 and from University of Southern California in 1970, he received his Master of Arts from the Department of Cinema.

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