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NASCAR IMAX: Featurette [QT Med.]

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Featurette, with interview clips from the filmmakers, film footage and making-of footage.

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Nascar 3D: Trailer [QT 300 K]

Nascar 3D: Trailer [Real 300 K]

NASCAR IMAX: Featurette [QT Med.]

Movie Info

NASCAR: The IMAX Experience (3D/2D)

Put yourself in the driver's seat and experience speeds of more than 200 mph with the magic of IMAX 3D.

NASCAR 3D: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE will briefly take fans into reverse to review the history of the nation's most revered sport, told from the viewpoint of some of its legendary drivers, and will then thrust into high gear with a look at the thrilling phenomenon that is NASCAR today.

Featuring the most competitive and skilled drivers and race teams in the world, the NASCAR-IMAX® film will capture the behind the scenes aspects of a sport that has unique family qualities and truly represents the fabric of America.

NASCAR 3D Production Notes

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