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Misadventures 3D: Trailer [QT 300 K]

Courtesy of nWave Pictures

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Misadventures 3D: Trailer [QT 300 K]

Misadventures in 3D: Trailer [Real 300K]

Misadventures in 3D: Wrong Dimension [Real 300K]

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Misadventures in 3D

The Professor and Max are back in action in MisAdventures in 3D: More 3D Mania. Picking up where its successful predecessor, 3D Mania: Encounter in the Third Dimension left off, MisAdventures in 3D finds the Institute of 3D Technology's Professor Turcinovic and his trusty robot Max caught in an unknown zone between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions! To make matters worse, they soon learn that the Institute, which has the only equipment that can get them home, is preparing to close its doors forever!

As the Professor and Max scramble to get a message to the Institute's board of directors, their adventures in the wrong dimension help demonstrate how 3D technology works. Amazing visual processes that we take for granted such as perspective, occlusion, and relative motion take on new meaning once experienced in 3D on the giant screen! In fact, after seeing MisAdventures in 3D, you'll never look at the world the same way again.

The Professor and Max's determination to make it home promises to make giant screen 3D cinematic history while pushing the boundaries of the "dimensional continuum." The question is, if they make it back will the 3rd dimension ever be the same?

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